What a few years it has been. One of my posts said to think about taking up your own business. Little was I to know what was ahead. My own career took off like a rocket, leaving me with little time of my own to start and progress my own business. Then came Covid and that put even more pressure on my work life. We have had the busiest 18months in 34 years of business. Sometimes, I think I could have done with the furlough time and set up my business more but then I realised that, actually, I like doing what I do. I, also, took the time of the forced closure of a rifle club I am secretary of, to search for grants to help us. This I did with the 4 successful awards amounting to several thousand pounds which has enabled us to refurbish our old premises; purchase new equipment; become Covid secure and encourage new members to start when we could open and, to actually, remain viable. It took a lot of time filling in application forms; appeals and sorting out accounts etc along with on-line committee meetings. So, not a lot of time left to do my own business. But, you know what, I think I am better working for someone than for myself. Discipline is a major point and that, I freely admit, I do get side tracked easily which is something you have to avoid if running your own business. A colleague at work left to work from home, so I no longer have her input of help which, in effect, has added a hidden 10 hours workload onto me. I have to watch my mental health and wellbeing as well as others. A point of note to those in HSE – don’t forget yourself!

I’ll sign off now and hopefully will keep on top of this. I have to try and find a new account for the club!

Stay safe and well.

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